I was very nervous about having my first colonic! Georgia's warm, caring nature put me at ease with the whole process. I don't know what I was worried about! She walked me through every step of the way in a calm, professional manner that made me feel super comfortable! Georgia is an amazing therapist and I highly recommend her services. Thanks Georgia!

Dani M

Georgia is amazing and incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her profession. For my first colon hydrotherapy treatment, Georgia explained everything to me in detail and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. What an experience!!


I recently started colon hydrotherapy and I must say it has been an incredible, positive and beneficial experience. Initially it was a bit daunting but at the same time I was intrigued to give this a go. I met Georgia through my Infra-red sauna sessions at the Float Lab in Wembley which is just next door to her clinic. She explained to me the benefits of detoxing and because I have been going through a health restoring journey of my own, I knew that colon cleansing therapy was one of the missing part of the puzzle. Georgia is friendly, kind and extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter. She walked me through the whole process and I felt so much at ease at hearing her own experiences and the benefits it brings to the body. Modern processed foods and our environment is bombarded with toxicity and a lot of it does end up lodged inside our large intestines/colon. Our bodies are so resilient that we can still ‘survive’ but I want my body to ‘thrive’. Hence my visit to Internal Fociz Health, which uses the latest technology in colon hydrotherapy and clearing out the ‘dirty’ waste or ‘gunk’ from my inside has been absolutely wonderful. I have had 5 sessions now and every time it’s such a relief to ‘clear the pipes’ so to say. The therapy room is private and clean and the system pretty much does the job for you. I would say it’s the same as taking your car in for a service to flush out the dirty engine oil gunk stuck inside the engine. We should apply the same concept and service our body too at Internal Fociz Health clinic!