Zen Chi Machine

Balance your body in a unique, gentle and peaceful way using our Zen Chi Machine.

Zen Chi Machine

Balance your body in a unique, gentle and peaceful way using our Zen Chi Machine.

Developed by Dr. Shinzuo Inoue, the repetitive movement of the Zen Chi Machine creates a state of relaxation by transforming your brainwaves into a calmer, more peaceful pattern.

Your body is carefully moved in a figure-8 motion while you relax, helping to gently realign your spine and soothing your aches and pains with the repetitive, undulating massage.

Better still, the Zen Chi Machine is clinically proven to help you lose weight – simply by lying down and relaxing!

3 Little Known Facts About The Zen Chi Machine…

Not many people know about the Zen Chi Machine, let alone understand the incredible benefits to their health. Read on to find out some little known facts about this unique treatment method.

Multiple Health Benefits

As well as peaceful relaxation, the Zen Chi Machine offers these additional health benefits…

  • Weight loss

  • Lymphatic massage

  • Spinal alignment

  • Reduction of nerve pain and muscle fatigue

  • Increased circulation

  • Fine-tuning of the autonomic nervous system

Simple To Use

Just put your feet into the footrest, set the timer and relax! The Zen Chi Machine will do the rest!
Check out the recommended position on the Zen Chi Machine, lie down and let the machine gently move, realign and massage your spine.  

Clinically Proven Weight Loss

Clinical trials conducted by Professor Neil Piller of Flinders University found the Zen Chi Machine benefited people with no existing medical problems… 

  • A reduction in weight of an average 0.6kgs in only 3 weeks. This is a significant amount of weight loss for only one exercise technique over the specific time period

  • A reduction in percentage body fat

  • A reduction in fluids to the limb

Schedule in some “me” relaxation with the Zen Chi Machine

→ In your lunch break

→ Before a busy day at work or

→ After your next appointment

You’ll feel balanced, refreshed and enjoy clinically-proven weight loss.


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